Dr. Carl Stocker

Dr. Carl Stocker’s transformational gift made the Stocker AstroScience Center at FIU possible. It paved the way for the construction of a four-story observatory and a classroom/laboratory.

Dr. Stocker is emeritus Miami-Dade College professor of physics. After earning degrees from Loyola University Chicago (B.S.), University of Illinois (M.S physics, M.S. chemistry) and Nova Southeastern (Ed. D.), he held positions at the Bell Telephone System's Chicago Hawthorne Labs, RCA, now Stanford University's David Sarnoff Labs, and Rider College of Princeton, New Jersey.

He is an astute stock analyst/investor and an accomplished pianist. During his retirement, he had processed years of technical readings for the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic and has served as executive director on the board of the Hearing and Speech Center of Florida. Having been Florida's Scrabble Champion, he remains a competitive player and director of the local Scrabble Club, which he had founded.