Research at the Stocker AstroScience center.

Research at the Stocker AstroScience center will be carried out in two ways: Remotely and Locally.

Remote Research

Remote observations using the SARA North and SARA south telescope will be done from the second floor "Starship" control room. This room was specially designed to function as a remote control room for the two telescopes. Dr. Webb and his graduate students will use this room to log into the SARA telescopes to observe microvariation of Blazars. For more on this research, please go to Dr. Webb's microvariability web site: Microvariability

Dr. Van Hamme will continue to use the SARA telescope for observations of binary systems.

Please see the SARA Observatory web site for more details. SARA

Local Research

The local telescope in the StASC dome will be controlled from the second floor control room in a similar fashion to the SARA telescopes. This telescope will be used by students to do a variety of optical astronomy projects, ranging from observing and taking images of planets and nebula, to monitoring bright quasars.