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FIU astronomers get first data back from SARA Canary Islands


Dr. Webb opened up the SARA JKT telescope on La Palma Canary Islands on Friday, April 8th. Starting at 3:00 pm EST Dr. Webb and physics students Daniel Puentes, Steven Revesz, and Carman Vargas logged in across the Atlantic Ocean from the control room and began observing quasar 0716+71. The observations were supplemented by local observations after dark in Miami.

Supernova in Centaurus A photographed by FIU Astronomers


FIU astronomer James Webb and physics students turned the SARA south telescope to Centaurus A during his telescope time and observed the new supernova detected in the distant galaxy Centaurus A.

Gravitational Waves Discovered


In perhaps the most dramatic and important detection of our generation, the elusive gravitational waves emitted by two coalescing Black holes have finally been detected! The announcement was made on Thursday, February 11, by the LIGO group. These waves, predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity were finally detected after a 100 year search!

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