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SCASS winner, Cynthia Nunez, takes over FIU Instagram Story


Check out FIU's Instagram Story today to see Cynthia show you all about her physics fellowship at Duke University!

Newly installed Sagan Quote over the lab room entry door in the exhibition hall. AWESOME!


An inspiring quote from Carl Sagan, one that I always loved, about the exploration of space and science in general.

FIU astronomer observes distant galaxy with world's largest optical telescope


On Sunday, April 16, 2017, Dr. James Webb, FIU astrophysicist and director of the Stocker Astroscience Center, collaborated with UF astrophysicist Dr. Steve Eikenberry to observe a unique Blazar called S5 0716+71 with the largest optical telescope in the world. The Grand Telescipo Canarias, has a mirror which is 10.4 meters in diameter and is the largest steerable ground-based optical telescope in the world.

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