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Stocker AstroScience Center Side view Blueprint


Nestled along side of the Owa Ehan building, just south of the Chemistry and Physics building on the Modesto Maidique campus, the Stocker AstroScience Center is four stories tall with three floors within the tower footprint. With close proximity to the Physics Department, the building is designed to be free of vibrations.

Stocker AstroScience Center First Floor Blueprint

First Floor

The Exhibition Hall/Main entrance and Astronomy lab room doubles as a public lecture space. The Floor of the Main Exhibition hall features a 6' Glass Tile Mosaic of an original work by Clayton Bryant Young depicting the transition from the Everglades to the Stars. It also features astronomy displays, including the Physics of Star Trek, and pictures from the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.

Stocker AstroScience Center Second Floor Blueprint

Second Floor

This floor contains faculty offices, and perhaps the most unique telescope control room around. It is designed to operate both SARA telescopes and the local telescope, and look like a star ship bridge. In addition to a library/conference room, this floor contains the Starship Control Room – a state-of-the-art telescope control room which connects to the SARA Kitt Peak, Cerro Tololo, and Canary Islands telescopes.

Stocker AstroScience Center Third Floor Blueprint

Third Floor

The third floor contains graduate student offices, an image processing lab computer room, astronomy student study room and telescope repair/storage room.

Stocker AstroScience Center Rooftop Blueprint


Observing platform with permanent piers to hold C8 telescopes, and a small dome to house a permanent telescope (12” to 24”).

  • Historical Overview

    Siddiq Khan & Associates, led by Tim Khan, an excellent astro-photographer, served as the lead structural designers and mechanical engineers responsible for the project.

    Portuondo-Perriti Architects, who have won several architectural awards in South Florida – including the Golden Palm award and the Award of Merit from the American Institute of Architecture– were the lead architects.

    Stobs Brothers, Construction Company

    Construction Timeline

    • 100% Construction documents, December 2, 2011
    • Formal Groundbreaking in early February 21, 2012
    • Foundation dug and framed August 2012
    • Shell construction finishes in December 2012
    • Build-out and interiors through May 2013
    • Building is available for occupancy May 30, 2013