Main Telescope

The 24-inch main telescope is now in place as of October 2014. The telescope is an Astronomical Consultants and Equipment (ACE) 24-inch (0.61-meter) Ritchey-Chretien telescope with focal ratio F6.2. A Ritchey-Chretien wide-field Cassegrain telescope can easily be identified by the rather large secondary mirror, typically 40% of the primary diameter. This is the best configuration for CCD imaging as the optics produce round star images at relatively large distances off-axis. A suitably designed field aplanatic field corrector will yield diffraction-limited images over the entire field. The full capability of the RC system is lost in many telescopes that cannot keep the optics collimated and that suffer from tube currents. ACE provides Ritchey-Chretien optics with or without the field corrector depending on the client's scientific requirements.

Peter Mack of ACE came and with the help of Dr. Webb and student Partick Ford installed the telescope in the 4th floor dome room.

ACE Telescope in dome 1

ACE Telescope in dome 2

ACE Telescope in dome 3

FIU name plate

Some pictures from the telescope equipped with a FLI MAXCAM CCD camera and ACE filter double filter wheel filled with UBVRI and RBGL filter sets.

The Moon

Orions Nebula

Moon Crescent