Exhibition Hall

The visitor will enter the main entrance on the South side of the building and find themselves in the Exhibition hall. This room is 1.5 stories high and has a domed ceiling simulating the night sky. The first thing one might notice, however, is the 6’ glass mosaic tile floor designed by the famous artist Clayton Bryant Young. When Dr. Webb saw Mr. Young’s spectacular 16’ glass tile mosaic floor installed at the ‘Imiloa Science center (Imiloa) in Hawaii he decided this was the type of image that should greet students and visitors upon entering the new FIU science center. Mr. Young was commissioned to paint an original design for the StASC and the resultant painting, Starlit Journey, is shown below.

 Starlit Journey

The StASC mosaic showcases the transition from the everglades environment to space. When the mosaic is installed, it will be illuminated by a spectacular chandelier hanging from the starry domed ceiling giving the visitor the impression of walking into a multi-dimensional space. Along the circular walls the students and visitors can enjoy exhibits displaying astronomical photos made by local astro-photographers, historical astronomy exhibits, and other astronomy themed displays. In addition to its function as a museum and display room, this room would be an ideal location to bring future donors, and perhaps host small gatherings such as board meetings. The picture below is a model made by Dr. Webb of what it might look like!