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The Design

Four stories tall with three floors within the tower footprint.

Cutaway View

 Side View

1st floor

Exhibition hall/Main entrance and Astronomy lab room that doubles as public lecture space. The Floor of the Main Exhibition hall will feature a 6' Glass Tile Mosaic of an original work by Clayton Bryant Young depicting the transition from the Everglades to the Stars. It will also feature astronomy displays, including the Physics of Star Trek, and pictures from the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.

 First floor plan

Below are some pictures of the Glass Tile floor and the exhibitions currently in the hall.





2nd floor

This floor contains faculty offices, and perhaps the most unique telescope control room around. It is designed to operate both SARA telescopes and the local telescope, and look like a star ship bridge! This floor will also contain a library/conference room.

 Second floor plan

The Starship Control Room. A state-of-the-art telescope control room which connects to the SARA Kitt Peak, Cerro Tololo, and Canary Islands telescopes.



3rd floor

Grad student offices, Image processing lab computer room, astronomy student study room and telescope repair/storage room.

 Third Floor plan


Observing platform with permanent piers to hold C8 telescopes, and a small dome to house a permanent telescope (12” to 24”).

 Roof plan

The Telescope

The main telescope is a 24" Ritchy-Critien F/6 built by Astronomical Consultants and equipment.

 The ACE Telescope

 The ACE Telescope