Observatory honored at the Presidents Council Meeting

The Stocker Astroscience Center was honored at the End-of-the-year Presidents council meeting on June 23rd, 2017. The out-going chairperson of the presidents council showed a slide presentation chronicling, among other things, her visit to the "amazing" Astroscience center. President Mark Rosenberg and Provost Ken Furton were among the dignitaries there to hear about her visit. Then, in the incoming Chairpersons acceptance speech, she also pointedly told about her visit to the astroscience center and learning about astronomy from her "Favorite astronomer Dr. Webb"! What a nice honor for the observatory. After the event, a group of six attendees followed Dr. Webb back to the observatory and were treated to a private tour of the starship control room, and telescope views of Jupiter and Saturn. The dome was opened and images of Jupiter were taken through the 24" telescope and later processed by Dr. Webb and sent to the visitor and President Rosenberg. A really nice evening!