Dr. Webb's graduate level text book ExtraGalactic Astrophysics is now out through IOP Concise books.

Dr. Webb took his class notes for Extra-galactic Astrophysics course taught at FIU for 20 years and converted them into a text book.


As a result from a call for texts by the Institute of Physics, and noting no other text covers the same range and depth of material, Dr. Webb submitted his manuscript and it was accepted for publication by a nationally recognized publishing company. The Institute of Physics, through the Morgan and Claypool publishers, is publishing the advanced text as part of their Concise text series. It is designed to be used as a one semester graduate class in a physics program, with students who will be doing dissertations in astrophysics. Chapter one covers background material including an introduction to the equations of stellar structure. Chapter two covers our Milky Way galaxy. Chapter three external galaxies. Chapter four covers active galaxies including a section on Blazars and relativistic jets. The final chapter covers general relativity and cosmology. Mathematical level includes tensor analysis and differential geometry. The last chapter even includes a short section on the detection of gravitational waves last year.