Dr. Tigran Abrahamyan and the Stocker Spaceship on Russian TV

Dr. Tigran Abrahamyan is interviewed by one of the premier Russian TV stations in the Stocker Astroscience Spaceship Control room about the mis-understanding between NASA and astrologers! The Russian TV station contacted us and Tigran accepted the interview about the statement by NASA that there is a new constellation in the Zodiac: Ophiuchus. This is due to the constantly changing vernal equinox due to precession. Astrologers took the news very badly! Russian NTV camera man and youtube blogger Ilya Yugin interviewed Dr. Abrahamyan to get NASA's side of the story and they also interviewed local "Astrologer to the stars" for the astrologers take. The program was aired in prime time in Russia! Millions of more people got to see the amazing starship control room!