Winner of the Pretty Pictures Contest 2015.

The color Combination winner for the Observational Astronomy lab this year are Jennifer Medina and Andres Medina. They took raw CCD frames and calibration frames taken from the SARA South telescope in Chile in three different frequency bands. These images were processed and combined to make a color image of the galaxy. Congratulations Jennifer and Andres! Great work.


The image above depicts NGC 2442, a galaxy located in the southern constellation of Volans, found approximately 50 million light-years from earth. It has two spiral arms which extend to a hook shape. The distortion of this galaxy could be due to an interaction with a smaller galaxy nearby, which may have also been responsible for the separation of HIPASS J0731-69 (a cloud of gas that is presumed to have been part of the galaxy) from NGC 2442. Dust trails and young blue star clusters can be found on the outer edges of the arm, with a supernova remnant found on the edge of the right spiral-arm of the galaxy in this image. This image was reduced and color combined by Andres Medina and Jennifer Medina.