Hubble ViewSpace installed at the Astroscience Center

Due to a generous grant from the Orbital ATK corporation, an installation of Hubble ViewSpace was installed in the Entryway/Exhibition hall. A 55" curved UHD monitor was securely installed in the wall and a dedicated computer installed in the control room to run the Hubble Viewspace.

stunning, inspiring, spectacular, and real.

The description on the ViewSpace web site (http:/hubblesource.stsci.eduexhibits/self-update/viewspace/) is as follows:

"The night sky is ever changing, and our scientific understanding of its phenomena is constantly evolving. Museums, planetariums, nature centers and similar institutions face a monumental challenge in keeping astronomy exhibits inspiring, accurate, and up-to-date.

ViewSpace is a self-updating multimedia astronomy display that uses internet-fed digital signage technology to provide a continually updated exhibit experience to patrons of informal education venues. It can serve as a supplement to existing science exhibits, or it can stand alone. Running on common, user-provided hardware, it is also incredibly cost-effective.

This exhibit has won acclaim from users, scientists, and multimedia producers, and it is playing in over 180 locations throughout the USA (with additional international venues).

Continuously running presentations in endless loop for unattended presentation, hour after hour.

Come and check it out!!!