"Key West Style" star party, a huge success!!

On July 11, 2014, something incredible happened. After three weeks of cloudy, rainy, stormy weather, the sky cleared and light from distant stars came shining through. Lucky for the FIU community, the Stocker Astroscience center was open, supplying Key Lime pies, margaritas, door prizes and of course telescopes so visitors could see the wonders of the night sky. It was a tremendous event and featured Saturn, the nearly full Moon, and a talk by Dr. Webb about the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Apollo 11's Eagle lander touched down on the Lunar surface roughly 45 years ago(July 16, 1969) affording humanity the first view of the landscape of another world in person. To go along with the evening of eating, learning abut Apollo 11, and looking through large telescopes, the guests were treated to tours of the astroscinece center and a concert by Dr. Webb. The main attraction on the tour is always the starship control room. Dr. Webb had everything set up for observing so visitors not only enjoyed the ambiance of the Star Trek control room, but also learned why it is such a useful place for remote observing. The concert featured Dr. Webb's solo performance of a few Buffett tunes along with some of his originals. The Buffett songs included: A Pirate looks at 40, Beach house on the Moon,/ A Trip Around the Sun/, and the finale, a pantherized version of Margaritaville. The original songs were: The Cycle, Can Music Change the World, and Hurricane Season. The performance was so well received, Dr. Webb played Classical Gas as an encore! The observatory finally closed after midnight. Fantastic evening!