End-of-semester star party a huge success!

The end-of-semester star party started out with a brief welcome and introduction by Dr. Webb to a packed house of about 50 people. The concert, "reaching for the Stars" featured Dr. Webb on guitar and vocal using the rooms new sound system. The evenings program featured songs by Vangelis, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, and Dr. Webb's original astronomy songs. The set list was

o Theme from Cosmos (Vangelis) —solo classical guitar o Across the Universe (Lennon/McCartney)—solo classical guitar with video o Here Comes the Sun (Harrison)—guitar and vocals o 3rd Stone from the Sun (Hendrix)—guitar and vocals o 2000 LY from Home (Jagger/Richards)—guitar and vocals o Galaxy Song (Idle)—guitar and vocals o The Black Hole Song (Webb)—guitar and vocals o I Can’t Believe They Pay me for This (Webb) o The JWST Song (Webb) —guitar and vocals o Reaching for the Stars (Webb)—guitar and vocals o The Human Race (Webb)—guitar and vocals o The Cycle (Webb)—guitar and vocals o Can Music Change the World (Webb)—guitar and vocals

After the concert, and the door prize drawing, the group adjourned to the 4th floor observing deck for glimpses of Mars and the Moon through the broken clouds. Also tours of the starship control room were conducted by Dr. Webb for the group. A good time was had by all!