Dear Supporters,

If you are interested in donating to the Stocker AstroScience center, please go to the secure web site below. We appreciate your support.

We are currently interested in raising funds for the following projects:

1. The planetarium - This is the add on dome (blue in the picture above) where we wish to buy a digital projector so we can project star images and hold planetarium shows for classes, public programs and tours. It would be our "holodeck" for the AstroScience center.

2. The Science Plaza - When the architects designed the AstroScience center, they included in their proposal a plan for the entire rectangular quad south of the CP building. That plan included the planetarium, an obelisk in the center, and a statue of Issac Newton to the East. The Obelisk doubles as a giant sundial. These features would complete the science quad.

3. Exhibition hall and telescope funds - We are also in need of small amounts of money to keep the exhibits in the exhibition hall current, and for upkeep and upgrades of the 24" telescope. Any amount you donate would be put to great use in making the astroscience center a better teaching and outreach facility.

Any amount you feel you can donate would be appreciated.

Donations to the Astroscience Center


Dr. Webb