Astro Music

Astronomy Music at the Stocker AstroScience Center

1. "The Stocker Astroscience Theme", a music video about the goals of our observatory set to the Star Trek theme played on guitar by Dr. Webb.
The Stocker AstroScience Theme Song.

2. "The Grand Scheme of Things", a music video about human's pondering about our place in our vast universe. The Grand Scheme of Things, by Dr. James Webb

3. A video by Jennifer Medina with quotes from Dr. Webb and Dr. Fiorella Terenzi. Private Space Exploration

Astronomy Music web sites:*

Dr. Webb's Astronomy Music Web site

Dr. Webb's myspace music page.
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi's web site.

Other you tube videos of Dr. Webb
The Black Hole Song and Astronomy Music

Solar Flare Explanation

Pluto and its Five Moons